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The Art of Bratting

You've probably heard about the Brat scene. You might even have observed some "brativity" at any spanking party you might have gone to. Brats tend to raise eyebrows wherever they go, and sadly Brat culture gets a bad rap, oftentimes not unearned. However, the sassy, impish and mischievous Brat has a modis operandi they carry out in code. It takes a strong Brat Tamer to not only understand the code, but deal with it in kind.

My class, The Art of Bratting, which was prompted by some recent unfortunate misunderstandings, can now be taught to budding or established Brats and Brat Tamers. Here's a sample slide. And here are some of the questions I ask and answer in this presentation.

Who are Brats vs. SAMs (smart assed masochists)? What constitutes Bratting? Who is a Brat Tamer and why do they like playing with Brats? How do Brats communicate and how does one shut a down a Brat quick? What about consent in bratting, do you need it?

I introduce a rather radical concept, that Brat Play is a mild form of Consensual Non Consent play. Usually considered a much more extreme type of play, CNC is a type of play in which at least one of the players is presenting as a non consenting role. Sound familiar? Resistance and struggle is definitely an overlapping theme in both types of play.

No matter what you think of Brats (they do engender some all or nothing sensitivities), this class will help you understand the Brat mind, and help tame some of the misconceptions people might have of the Bratterverse.


Miss Chris

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