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The Reboot, Take 2

From a recent 1950's themed photo shoot, Miss Chris is seen here with her Bakelite hairbrush and red/white polka dot dress.
Smiling 1950s Mom

If you're a follower of this blog, or if you've read over the last few blog entries, you probably know that my husband of 22 years, D, was diagnosed with cancer, and that I had started to cancel my travel for March and April. The update to that has been very hard for me to write, so I've put it off. But I have been more open and active about my struggles for work/life balance as a caregiver on another platform (, so I figured I just had to write here.

Fighting the good fight against cancer
Replace "I'm" with "We're"

My husband was diagnosed with late stage 4 neuro-endocrine cancer. It is throughout his bones, in the marrow, and therefore it is throughout his blood. It is "incurable" and "terminal". But, treatment can keep the cancer at bay, we were told, and that is indeed the patterns we are seeing. We are halfway through his double chemo treatments, he is responding very well, and I as a caregiver can breathe a small sigh of relief. Now, I *only* have to deal with the medical bills, and plan for when our insurance runs out in a couple months. LOL. The Universe can be a cruel Mistress when She wants.

My current status is that I'm working pretty much full time here in Phoenix, except if it is "chemo week" (the week of W-Th-Fr treatments), and the first 3 days of the following week (M-Tu-W), in which case I have spotty, limited and relatively off-the-cuff time available. My schedule is entirely dependent on my husbands, as you can imagine, but if something comes up drop me a line!


I'm pleased to announce that because of all the progress made, I'm able to get back to traveling on spanking business. For me, traveling is critical from both a financial perspective as well as a mental health perspective. It is what enables me to meet as many people as possible, and allows me to satiate my natural wanderlust, at the same time it fills in the blanks in my schedule allowing me to make a living spanking bottoms. So, it's with great pleasure that I can confirm my trip to DALLAS, TEXAS for the Texas All State Spanking Party between June 20-24. Since this will be my first major trip since February, I'll be busy from the moment I get off the plane, to the second I depart Monday afternoon. Here are some of the things I'll be involved with: TASSP Vendor Fair, Naughty Schoolgirls event, Demo/Class (topic TBD, but polling is high for "The Healing Properties of Spanking" or some other witty title that I have yet to come up with). This is a topic I've been mentally developing a class over for quite some time, so I'm excited that the TASSP will be my first presentation of this material. Reminiscent of when The Doll and I introduced Age Play to the TASSP back in 2010, and now you see tons of Littles and Middles events at spanking parties, I'm hoping the same happens with "therapeutic spankings". Although I'm about 80% booked, I do still have a couple spots open left for private appointments, but contact me soon, they are all going to go weeks before the event.

I have confirmed I will be returning to TUCSON, ARIZONA for one day, July 20, teaching two classes at Desert Dominion, my second home club after the Arizona Power Exchange, here in Phoenix. I'll be presenting my "Spanking Mild to Wild" and my "Vintage Age Play"workshops the afternoon of July 20th. We will take our usual break to do buffet style dinner with the Presenter, anyone can come along but you are responsible for buying your own dinners. After dinner, the usual play party will happen, and I hope to be seeing lots of newly taught techniques in the dungeon later that night! Copies of the PowerPoint presentations will be uploaded for reference after July 20.

My next scheduled trip after Tucson will be to multiple cities in SCOTLAND at the end of July. Hubby should be done with chemo by then, so I'm hoping to get some sightseeing in along with taking some time out to deal with the naughties of Scotland. Here's my tentative schedule: I'm hoping to head south of Glasgow about 30 miles, to South Lanarkshire and the playspace of Ms Kay (, a traditional Scottish domestic disciplinarian, on July 24 for double disciplinarian sessions (221's). On July 25th, I'll be up in the G1 district of Glasgow, offering double dom sessions with Miss Sultry Belle (, a CP specialist and dominatrix. Rates for my trip to Scotland will include 221's with Ms Kay for 220£/hour, 221's with Miss Belle for 260£/hour, and 121's for 150£/hr. For the first 10 clients who book a 121 session with me in Scotland will get 40£ off! This is a spankin' great deal, so get it while you can!

Currently, the only location that is confirmed is GLASGOW, but I'm hoping there will be enough interest in INVERNESS and EDINBURGH between July 28-31.


I've been spending quite a bit of time creating new products, learning about marketing, rebranding myself, and becoming more "official" with my Etsy store. Etsy allows me to really get the word out better about my products, unlike my website store which only gets direct hits through my updates. So, I've moved all physical products over to Etsy, allowing me to focus on my services via my website store.

I've had so much fun creating my pizzles, I've branched out to custom designs. This pizzle was made for a Lady on Fetlife called PrincessAmmy. "Princess" was the theme, so pink, crowns and rose gold made the perfect accompaniment.

This ochsenziemer (German for "horsewhip", and the term preferred by Europeans) was custom made for the legendary Corporal Punishment Specialist from South Africa, Mistress Baton. She gave me the following requirements: black leather, wolves, silver, green and red. I was lucky to find these gorgeous emerald eyed wolf head beads to incorporate into her pizzle.

I've managed to secure a much better vendor for good pizzles, and the quality of the rod is very high. I'm being sent straighter and thicker pizzles, which means I can more readily supply the thick pizzles that most people seem to prefer. My process has come a long way, and although I'm spending more time on these the results are much more impressive. Do you have a custom pizzle in mind? Let me create a custom piece unlike any other toy in your bag for you. Visit my etsy store today! (If you order soon, I can have it ready to hand deliver it to you in Dallas or Scotland).


I've been updating my website recently, so you may have seen some changes taking place. The first thing is, I've added as new page under the About section with my social networking platforms ( I've been active on Twitter lately, so I added the ability to see my Tweets without having to log into Twitter. Right next to my Twitter feed, I have a link to my Fetlife profile. Now, I'm unable to stream my Fetlife updates the way I can Twitter due to the increased security. You will have to use your own Fetlife login to pass authentication, but once you log in it will take you directly to my page. As a reminder, I don't do Facebook.

Since I've lost 30 pounds, I've been way more comfy in my skin, and that means you'll be getting more photos! The photo above was taken from a recent 1950's photo shoot I did with JDoll last weekend. New outfits, new furniture, new toys, and a newly invigorated desire to spank the day away means you will be seeing lots more of me, including some video clips! Stay tuned to my website, my Fetlife profile, and my Twitter account, spanky friends!

Until next time, fans. Stay calm, and spank on!

Miss Chris

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