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Upcoming Classes, Parties & trips

My Oklahoma City OK trip is fast approaching and at this point in the game it's about getting the word out about my classes. Hosting both classes and party, the Oklahoma Power Exchange (OPE) in OKC is run by my really good friend and fellow masochist from the "old days" @esclava_bathory or Ava. OPE itself is a private hot spot for BDSM, and is located in an old nondescript brick radio station with sound proof booths, a full kitchen, social area and beds upstairs for just about anything! While it's a dungeon and not a domestic space, I can assure you with the confluence of spankos in OKC next weekend it will be a WKRP in Cincinnati type of vibe with all sorts being bent over tables, chairs and benches getting their spank on. Both classes as well as the party are listed on Fetlife if you simply look for me, @MissChris!


On the evening of Tuesday April 12th, I'm trying my hand at teaching a virtual kink class for Wicked Grounds, a Kinky Coffee Shop in San Francisco. This grassroots, salt of the earth organization survives on it's classes, and the pandemic has really clobbered that for too long. It's a wonder they survived at all, so please support this great BDSM Education and Socialization club. I'll be donating back all proceeds from this class so you know it's all benefiting the org. Find out more about this event here, and buy tickets:


I've posted some new trips, finishing out the 2022 year on a high note. Portland OR, Denver CO and Fort Lauderdale FL was added to October, November and December respectively. Here's the entire year at a glance:

  • Mar 24-28 Oklahoma City

  • Apr 21-25 Boston

  • May 19-23 Atlanta

  • Jun 14-18 Chicago

  • Jul 7-11 Dallas

  • Aug 11-15 Detroit

  • Sept 15-19 Newark

  • Oct 13-17 Portland (new!)

  • Nov 10-14 Denver (new!)

  • Dec 13-16 Fort Lauderdale (new!)


Finally, I did want to let you all know if you hadn't heard it already, that Jenni and I finally tied the knot after 2 years of mourning our husband. It's what he would have wanted and we honored him in the ceremony. Las Vegas was a hoot, and we have some lovely pictures to share including this one. Enjoy!

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