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ANN ARBOR & DETROIT, MI (Dec 14-18, 2017)

2017 is coming to a close, but not before I hit the road again! Between December 14-18, I'll be heading to Ann Arbor and Detroit, MI for the Metro Detroit Spanking Society's Naughty List Review weekend spanking party. I'll be front and center for most of it, as I'll be presenting my (infamous) Spanking Role Play class, hosting the Women on Top hour, and vending my Texas Saddle Straps! Please don't be shy, I love meeting new folks, and this will be my first trip to the area, so by all means, introduce yourself. I know there are still tickets and hotel rooms left, although I have few of any openings left for private sessions. Note: I'm bringing a very special guest with me...

KANSAS CITY, MO (Jan 25-29, 2018)

2018 starts off the perfect way with a return trip to my old stomping ground, Kansas City, MO. ann-margret, the proprietress of IX KC (Nine Kansas City) has asked for an Age Play class, as well as a spanking class, followed by a co-hosted spanking party with Ms Portia Spanks' KCSpanks group! The spanking class will most likely be my "Strips, Straps & Strops" class on Saturday evening, January 27th, where you will also most likely be able to purchase a Texas Saddle Strap.

IX KC is located right in the historical West Bottoms district, right next to downtown Kansas City, MO. I used to live just north of the city market area, adjacent to the West Bottoms district. Back then, it was a burned out industrial area. Now, it's an up and coming, re-gentrified neighborhood perfect for a lively fetish scene. The parties, the classes, and my private sessions will all be held right at IX, which is very centrally located where the Missouri and Kansas Rivers meet.

There's another thing that will be going on at IX. Ms Portia Spanks ( and I will be offering a limited number of Double Dom sessions throughout the weekend. IX offers 3 floors of play space, plenty of room for both KCSpanks and IX members to party all weekend!

LAS VEGAS, NV (Feb 22-26, 2018)

February's trip is back to Las Vegas, NV where I'll be presenting and attending a private spanking party. I'll be around the Summerlin area, and accepting private sessions, Spank University workshops, and selling straps.

SIOUX CITY, IA (Mar 23-25, 2018)

The lovely folks from Bound in Siouxland is bringing me out to do some intensive classes this fourth weekend in March at their Kink on the River event. Topics are still TBD. Private sessions available during off event hours.

FUTURE TRAVELS........ for more information!

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