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Vegas, OKC, Boston, Atlanta & Chicago

With the new year comes my updated travel schedule for those of you interested in taking that personal trip over my knee.

FEBRUARY 24-28, 2022 - LAS VEGAS, NV: I'll be attending my very first Shadow Lodge party, having had to miss the first one over Labor Day weekend. Good buddy, Joe @DrLectr hosts a damn good soiree, and I'm pleased to be taking part in some of the festivities of the weekend like their awesome Vendor Fair and perhaps the Judicial event. I'll be staying right onsite at their new hotel and casino venue. And I'm looking forward to getting back to the spanking scene, COVID permitting of course.

MARCH 24-28, 2022 - OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Not 3 hours from Dallas is OKC, where my good pal Ava @ope_okc (the Oklahoma Power Exchange) brings me out to teach about spanking and age play. This year, the classes will be scheduled around a spanking party so anyone can attend some spankucation and spanking action in underrated Oklahoma City where there is a vibrant BDSM community itching for educators.

APRIL 21-25, 2022 - BOSTON, MA: I was scheduled to take my very first trip to Boston back in April 2019. I had my schedule all lined up in fact, but tragedy struck and my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It's been 3 years since his diagnosis, and almost 2 since his death so I thought it fitting to try and return to this beautiful and spank driven city.

While in Boston, I'll be staying at a lovely private residence 30 minutes south of downtown. Since it's the first time I'll be visiting, I expect to book up far in advance, so those of you who think April is a long way off, think again. I can't wait to see my Bostonians!

MAY 19-23, 2022 - ATLANTA, GA: My last trip to Atlanta was I believe in 2017, so it's been some time (and a whole other lifetime, it would seem) since I've had the pleasure of spanking butts in this southern city. I'll be staying at a lovely private residence, completely discreet. Last time I was in town, I taught classes at 1763, a very well equipped dungeon in the area. Who knows? There might even be another class in the works for this trip!

JUNE 14-18, 2002 - CHICAGO, IL: My trip to Chicago is shaping up to be an incredible opportunity. The first two days of my trip I will be in Rockford, IL shooting some historical role play footage, and hosting sessions in between. The last two days I will most likely be at a private residence right in the Chicagoland area. If you're at all close to Rockford, don't miss this incredibly opportunity to session in an historic mansion. The other half of my trip however will be within a few miles of O'Hare airport for those a bit closer to the city.

Well, that's it for the updates folks. In another few months, I'll post the rest of 2022 (yes I'm accepting requests for places, and if I get enough requests I will add that to my itinerary).

I hope 2022 is working out better for you than 2021, so far. Thanks for being on my mailing list!


Miss Chris

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