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Victorian Style Discipline class this Sunday

Sunday June 16th at 12pm Pacific time zone

Most everyone has heard of the repressed, highly moralistic, prim and proper ways they did things back in Victorian England. But do you think they were all that way? Hell no! Join me as I discuss how kinky and perverted those Victorians really were, and be inspired to incorporate some wicked Victorian style kink into your own scenes!

This fun class will go through a brief history and accounting of the prevailing attitudes of the day. Historic roles and expectations, attire, implements and punishments will be discussed next. And finally we’ll get to laugh at the language and wording those pervy Vics used to talk about the things they weren’t supposed to talk about.

Wear your Victorian, Edwardian or Steampunk best, if you have it, and expect to feel a new kinky kinship with your frisky forefathers after this workshop!

This class is for all levels of experience. Bring your questions, but there's no need to bring your quill and inkpot as the presentation will be offered to everyone registered! Everyone is welcome to attend this online but recorded presentation.


Miss Chris

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