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What a fabulous tour!

Here I am in Dallas at the TASSP with David Gemini, paddlemaker after an epic double Dom session with Mistress Baton of South Africa. A formidable Sister in discipline, Ms Baton is also the picture taker in this case. I was fortunate enough to have 3 doubles sessions with her throughout the weekend, and we had such a blast working together we are already talking about next year!

I was able to attend both the F/m and F/f parties this year, something I'm not typically able to do at this event usually. The F/m party was epic, in a huge ballroom with a long queue of masculine identified folk of all ages, shapes and body types. I had a blast breaking in my new Ouch UK cane I've come to really love, bought at the vendor fair from Mike.

This trip to Dallas proved my mettle, for sure. I broke a personal record on Friday June 7 for most sessions taken in one day. Man, was I a happy camper to play away the whole day? I had an abundant amount of energy, which was a good thing considering my schedule, but a definite risk for my bottoms, LOL.

From Dallas, I went straight to Chicago for a sponsored trip to the heart of the Windy City. I had a blast taking sessions in my basement brownstone right off lake Michigan. Very Medieval dungeon like, this space was great for sessions and for a small gathering of friends on a Friday night. The folks I saw in Chicago were quite memorable, and I look forward to returning to what has become one of my favorite cities to spank in!

I have no events scheduled for July, but in August I'll be co hosting the APEX Spank U Back to School themed spanking party on August 16th. I'll be back at APEX presenting my Victorian Style Discipline class on August 26th. Then I head back to Las Vegas for the Oasis Labor Day Spanking party between Aug 31-Sept 2! Contact me soon to schedule your appointment as I typically book up in advance for Vegas. I'm especially happy to book in some 15 minute Thrash and Dashes for the incredible rate of $100 per spanking. Fill out one of my applications to be considered:

Looking far in advance to November, I see the Lone Star Spanking Party is on the horizon. It's been many years since I've been back to Houston. Are you excited I might be coming back? Who wants to go over my knee in Houston? Maybe that's the better question! 😂


Miss Chris

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