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Wow, what a weekend!

The party was a grand success, once we got over a little bit of a hurdle. Here, let me share a little:

We got to the venue an hour before the party, only to find the host still there, and the listing completely misrepresented. This was supposed to be a private 2500 sq foot rental in the Arcadia district, but what we walked in on was a big living/dining/kitchen area with the bedrooms and one bathroom roped off. The guy told me it was more money to rent an additional ONE bedroom, but he had to rewrite the contract. At this point, I'm like OK well I don't have additional budget because this rental was pricey, but I'll pay for it out of my own pocket just to get what we needed. I agree to wait for the new contract to be drafted while things were being set up. I signed the new contract after scanning it through, after much delays. He then disables the cameras, which I had already negotiated, at the same time telling us for the first time ever that he would be at the party in one of the bedrooms. I about hit the ceiling! He then proceeded to tell me that the contract I just signed authorized him to do that, but he would consider going to a coffee shop. He hemmed and hawed until 630pm, and he's still there! 30 minutes goes by with him supposedly getting ready to leave. Then 7pm hits, folks are outside the door waiting to come in. And this guy refuses to leave the house, which was his primary residence he made sure to tell me multiple times when I begged him to please just honor the agreement we made for the rental. I groveled, I wasn't beyond it at that point. And then, he says that he will leave when he is good and ready. Well, that did it! I blew my gasket! Started telling everyone to pack up and leave. All the set up, whisked away and packed up for our house. What else was I going to do, not have a spanking party when I said I would? Hell no! We regrouped at our place, all 40'ish of us and went onto having a swell party, if I do say so myself! Found out afterwards, as one of my vendors was leaving, the host was rifling through his vendor tub, so I expect some argument to come out of him regarding our little "sex party". Well, I'm ready for him.

I appreciate the flexibility of so many people who came together at the last minute to pull this party up by it's G-string. My support team was instrumental in getting the house together at the last possible minute and the party started by about 735pm. Spanking was heard shortly thereafter, and many fine scenes were had. Folks brought some really nice food, we packed everyone into two play areas and while things were tight, we got cozy with each other as folks played. All in all, a wonderful time was had by all!

Thanks so much for coming, gang! Until next party,

Miss Chris & JenniDoll

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That sounds so traumatic for you, but you mastered the situation, of course. We found ourselves in a tangentially similar situation at the Alexis Park. Last minute, they shoved their own hotel security guards into our meeting space and needless to say, this precluded playing in the ballroom. Plus it was an old property with rattling air conditioners and the catering options were terrible. Thank you for sharing this. People often don't realize how difficult it is to pull off social events and what we're up against.

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