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such a busy fall, I'd better get crackin'

I'm hip deep in my autumn and holiday travel touring, but I'm just so excited to tell you about an upcoming event I have this Saturday, November 10th here in Phoenix, Arizona I just can't wait!

Arizona Power Exchange

For the very first time in the 12 years I've been going to this event, I will be an official Vendor. I've attended, presented, and helped out in the past, but I've never volunteered in quite this capacity before. And even more thrilling is the fact that I'll be debuting some more products I've added to my "Miss Chris' Texas Toys" collection (why Texas and not Arizona? Well, I get all the leather from Texas, and it is all western saddle leather. Butt, my toys also tend to have a bit of bite, so one could say they are Texas sized, too!) So, here's the low down on my full product line as of the writing of this post. If you can't come by the KK, you can always buy anything below through my online store, just click on the photo. (

Spanko Run Pin

Here's the product that started it all. This is a Spanko Run Pin. The purpose of this pin is to discreetly communicate your spanking fetish to others "in the know". When worn this way, it indicates you're a Spanko Top. When worn with the point up, you're a spanko bottom. And when worn with the point to the side, you're a Spanko switch. This was designed back in the 1980's by a scene-ster in Southern CA as a necklace pendant. I worked with a special friend to get the design made into a pin.

This is my (in)famous Texas Saddle Strap, made out of gorgeous, oil infused, red-brown leather, it's the perfect beginner strap, a great OTK strap, and has the perfect mix of sting and thud. It comes with a decorative concho. Custom conchos available for a slight additional fee.

Made out of the same high quality oiled leather, this is my new Texas Super Strap. Twice as heavy, with stitched double ply leather this is also great for OTK. Intended for those who like a thuddier sensation.

The same type of leather applies to these stingers, my Texas OTK Straps. As stingy as the Texas Super Strap is thuddy, these are good for OTK, and especially effective for hands. A variety of tags in stock. Custom tags available for a slight additional fee.

A brand spankin' new product as of this week, I call these my Texas Cock-y-Canes. Made out of stretched and dried bull pizzles, these are wicked implements of ass destruction. A wrapped leather handle comes with every cane. Custom lengths, colors, and decorative beading available.

Just a bit of fun, especially for the micro-bondage buffs out there. These are my new Texas Thumb Stocks. That same gorgeous soft leather from my other products, made into a small, discreet restriction device.

UPDATE: I just got word that the folks over at APEX would like for me to teach my Role Play class on Saturday. So, if you're in the area, and want to take in some role playing, do come by at 11am! The event hours are 10am-4pm.

Hope to see y'all there!! Spanks!

Miss Chris

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