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Welcome to my new website! It's been a long time coming!

Just a shortie here to say, I just migrated over my domain yesterday, and started fulfilling bookings and credit card processing today! I'm so excited this day is finally here. I've had the displeasure over the last 8 years of decreasing service and functionality from my old website hosting company. I knew for a while I needed to rebuild completely, from the ground up, doing things quite a bit differently now after 10 years in the business. It's so much more than fantasy re-enactment and funishment now. It's life coaching, it's booking workshops, it's booking IT time. This website will eventually have not only parity with my old site, but more in the way of features. More in the way of photos. More in the way of communicating with my fans and clients. Overall, I can't wait to share the new me, with all of you, through my new website. Enjoy!

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